The Crossing at Willow Bay Lot Map

Lot 77

Lot description:

This lot is immediately off Marina Drive with easy access to all of the amenities offered at the Crossing at Willow Bay.

Lot features:

Lot Area
76,559 SF / 1.76 AC
Building & Improvement Area Envelope
28,043 SF
Est. Finished Floor Elevation
Avg. Building Envelope Slope
Near Amenities
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More about Lot 77 in Willow Bay, Idaho

Lot 77 is located within ‘Willow Bay Marina and RV Resort’. You can learn more about the community here. Willow Bay Idaho also includes a Marina & Gas Dock, Restaurant, RV Park, and Events Center.

To learn more about Lot 77, please contact Debbie at 1 (800) 820-6525 or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Willow Bay Marina and RV Resort has more than you expect! This gated community has a well developed infrastructure. See it for yourself in our community drive-through video.

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